Common charter FAQ’S

Q. Why should I use a professional charter?
A. Fishing with a pro is your guarantee of a safe, successful outing.  They know the area, fish regularly and work with other captains. Being in the right places at the right time is a very important part of fishing to help eliminate slow times. Pros have a large investment in the latest tackle and fish locating equipment coupled with years of experience.  Even knowledgeable fisherman new to the area can learn a great deal by taking a charter.

Q. How many persons can I bring along?
A. In compliance with the Coast Guard Regulations we may carry a MAXIMUM of six (6) passengers & we are Licensed & Insured properly for that amount only.

Q. What if I have never fished before?
A. No problem! Although the fish we catch can be pretty big and put up a arm wrenching fight, the equipment we use on board the Breezy is smooth and easy to use. You’ll receive plenty of instructions on how to use the equipment and tips on fighting the fish, and feel free to ask questions and participate as much as you feel comfortable…. I want you to get as much out of your trip as you do!!

Q. Can I bring Beer or alcohol on the boat?
A. Yes Beer & Wine etc. is allowed however I prefer cans to bottles because of the possibility of breakage on the boat. This is provided you are old enough to bring them along. Absolutely no illegal substances of any kind are allowed on the boat.

Q. How far do we go offshore to fish?
A. The reason for my choices in Marinas is the close proximity to the fishing. Whether it’s fishing off of Illinois or Wisconsin fish typical fishing is within 2-4 miles off shore, but we will go wherever we have to go to make your trip a success.

Q. Do I need to bring along any fishing equipment?
A. No, all fishing equipment including Rods, Reels & Terminal Tackle are provided at no extra cost on board the boat. We carry only the finest equipment available & are well stocked.

Q. Is there any age limit for bringing along my kids?
A. My best advice is that children under 5 years old may not enjoy the trip & might make it difficult for others also. Children under 10yrs should be accompanied by an adult one on one to get the most out of the trip. Life jackets are on board for adults & children.

Is a fishing license required?
A. All persons age 16 or older are required to have a fishing license.  A “all species” resident or non-resident one day fishing license can be purchased either on board with the captain (call ahead and check availability of licenses first) or at the local bait and tackle shop near the boat.  If you already have a state of Illinois or Wisconsin fishing license, bring it.  You must have the proper Lake Michigan salmon stamp affixed to the back of the license.  Once again, if needed you may purchase the stamp with the captain (call ahead and check availability of stamps on hand) or you may stop by any bait and tackle shop.  You could even check with your local K-mart and Wal-Mart stores or even buy online.

Q. Who can enjoy a charter?
A. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors and loves to share an adventure with friends or family.  A single person, a family with children or just a bunch of friends out for a good time.  Many corporations charter sport fishing boats to take their clients out and show them a good time away from the “office atmosphere.”  Large groups can charter several boats and arrange their own mini tournament.  The boats are limited to a maximum of 6 passengers.

Q. Are charter boats licensed?
A. Not all boats offering to take you fishing are licensed charter boats.  My boat and boats I use when I have multiple boat trips are all licensed and state inspected to carry six (6) passengers.  Myself and the other captains are all licensed by the US Coast Guard.  All have the proper safety equipment aboard to ensure a safe and enjoyable sport fishing outing