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Salmon fishing charter boat Winthrop Harbor

Is tasty Coho Salmon on the grill or on the smoker your favorite out of Lake Michigan? If so now is your time to get on a charter fishing trip out of Winthrop Harbor because they are biting. Most of the catches on the charter fishing boat Breezy 1 out of North Point marina in Winthrop Harbor have been the tasty Coho Salmon. Fishing out of North Point should peak in the next few weeks for spring style fishing. This time period now is one of the most popular of the season so don’t miss out on this great fishery on Lake Michigan. 


Lake Michigan Salmon and Trout fishing in Winthrop Harbor Illinois

The Salmon and Trout fishing season in Winthrop Harbor on Lake Michigan is starting it’s transition from spring time fishing patterns to summer time fishing patterns. With that comes some nice mixed bag charter catches of Coho and King Salmon, mixed with Lake trout and Rainbow trout as well. Don’t miss out on a fantastic…Continue Reading

Lake Michigan Fishing Charter Report | 5/23/13

Right now salmon charters on Lake Michigan are in full swing. Limit catches of Coho salmon with some Rainbow trout and King salmon are being taken often on the Breezy 1 salmon charter boat on Lake Michigan fishing out of North Point marina in Winthrop Harbor. Don’t miss out on this fast action of salmon fishing on…Continue Reading